Brokerage Services

Quay Financials is able to offer an unparalleled service to institutions and professional clients.
Quay Financials provides the entire infrastructure required to trade. Our software has the ability to manage several client accounts. Trade Ladders are at the day traders’ disposal and other tools to facilitate their business. Orders, positions and profit & loss are all tracked in real time.
Finding a suitable broker for your institution involves having the right relationships and draws upon the experience, resources and technology of that organization, Quay Financials deliver on all fronts and has the flexibility to meet each client’s individual requirements.
Our brokerage service offers institutions the widest range of functionality and performance, user-friendly online tools, enabling flexible integration with clients’ systems for straight-through-processing.


Quay Financials provides you with a personalised global stock broking service that uses the clearing and custodian facilities of industry leaders.

We offer execution only and advisory broking services.

The more experienced client, whether investor or trader, requires a comprehensive and efficient service that ensures trades are executed and settled in the most efficient manner possible.

Other individuals and professional intermediaries require a basic service where they can give simple instructions to purchase or sell securities.

To satisfy the needs of both categories of investor we offer a swift and accurate Execution Only dealing service where we aim to obtain best market prices for clients.

We will:

  • Take and execute all orders promptly and accurately
  • Report back promptly and accurately on all share prices obtained
  • If required, inform you of news and prices on particular stocks
  • Obtain market information for you on request
  • If instructed, fill limit orders and initiate stop loss orders on a ‘best endeavors’ basis and subject to appropriate documentation
  • Maintain and report account balances, margins requirements and other details
  • Option to give orders over the phone or utilize our state of the art electronic trading platform

Clients can be assured that they will be dealing with experienced professional investment advisors who understand the investment instruments they are trading and the need for efficient execution and settlement of trades.

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Futures & Options

Quay Financials’ team of Futures and Options brokers offer superior execution and clearing services tailored to meet the demands for both Institutions and Professional traders. The team is made up of market experts with over 30 years experience in the financial markets, delivering a professional service in execution, advice and market knowledge. The team offers access to all the major electronic futures & options markets as well as open-outcry products, specialising in a multitude of strategies across LIFFE, Eurex, CBOT, CME and ICE, providing insight into activity and liquidity in the markets.

Great care is taken with every client order. Thanks to Quay Financials’ order flow and client base, the team has the ability to execute large client orders with discretion via the OTC market. Our experienced brokers know how to create a strong relationship with their clients; to understand and facilitate all their market needs.

Quay Financials provides analysis on market moving data and both intraday and overnight activity. News and market movements are regularly released throughout the day, and provision of market analysis and interpretation of key upcoming events is available.

The broking team provides the highest level of service in financial futures, options and commodity markets. Committed to serving our clients we pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity.

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Quay Financials has an Asset Management licence enabling it to act as Investment Manager to Experienced Investor Fund. Quay Financials’ Investment Management division has appointed an Investment Committee.

The investment committee is comprised of both independent advisors and directors of Quay Financials who are deemed to have sound experience of market cycles, investment practices across multiple asset-classes.

Its role is to source, provide due diligence and monitor the activities of the Quay Umbrella Funds’ underlying sub-funds at every level from direct market risk through to operational integrity. The platform also allows the Investment Management team to structure funds for banks/hedge funds and emerging managers who want to set up their own fund(s).

Quay Financials will assist with structure and capital raising capabilities.

Click here to view the Quay Umbrella Fund Website and more about Quay’s Investment Management Division.

Foreign Exchange

FX Trading

Quay Financials is able to offer hedge funds, asset managers and professional traders access to a 24-hour inter-bank FX trading environment online or via phone in spot, forward and option contracts. Quay Financials’ FX trading desks are run by market professionals with over 20 years of experience covering all of our clients’ needs from execution to currency delivery (if required). Quay Financials’ global market coverage is key to our service, backed up with the ability to update on relevant market news throughout the day and night.

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